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MYE Technologies Acquires Clean Portable Energy Innovator Sparkbox Inc.

Sparkbox power packs are the future of eco-portable energy and the convenient environmentally friendly alternative to noisy gas-fueled, polluting generators

MYE Technologies expands into the clean energy market with the acquisition of Sparkbox Inc., creators of the versatile Sparkbox eco portable power pack, announced Tony Garcia, MYE president, and CEO.

The convenient eco-conscious alternative to noisy gas-fueled generators, patent-pending Sparkbox technology delivers up to 3.2KH of clean power, enough to charge a car, yet compact enough to fit comfortably in the trunk. The weather-resistant Sparkbox design is ideal for outdoor gatherings, roadside emergencies or power outages.

“The Sparkbox portable power pack is a truly revolutionary clean energy solution with universal applications,” said Garcia. “Our MYE team is passionate about designs that make a difference so we are particularly excited about Sparkbox and meeting the growing clean energy demand for a wide range of commercial, automotive, household, and recreational uses.”

“Sparkbox Inc. is thrilled to be acquired by MYE Technologies,” said Sparkbox executive Mike Esposito. “MYE has extensive experience in creating and marketing innovative products and applications for the consumer, fitness, entertainment, pro-audio, and automotive industries.”

The silent, emission-less go anywhere rolling Sparkbox electric generator, with two powerful AC and USB ports, powers virtually anything including outdoor activities, charging phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, electric cars, drones, home appliances, and can even keep the lights on during emergency outages. The future of noiseless, non-polluting, non-gasoline powered generators is here today, and now under the MYE Technologies umbrella of products.

Sparkbox convenience puts power control within easy reach with Bluetooth capability and iOS, Android, and desktop apps for remote battery monitoring and charge status alerts. The Sparkbox unit provides clean 12v/120v/240v power, 2 x 120V AC sockets, 1 x 240V AC socket, AC outlets directly on the case, 1 x 12V CLA cigarette lighter port, and 2 onboard 3A USB chargers.

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