The MYE Technologies Approach

Product Development and Manufacturing

We leverage over 25 years of MYE Technologies vision and experience managing the nuances and challenges of product development, market timing, and international manufacturing. Our ongoing relationships with suppliers in the United States and Asia range from small to large, and assure the lowest cost, highest-quality components, and stable supply chains. MYE specialists manage and support every aspect of the process; from design, quality control, and production, through logistics and shipping, to transform your new product into the reality of market success.

Creative Product Development

The genius of product innovation is recognizing the marketing opportunity, then making it happen. We begin with creative consultations: a careful analysis of the competitive landscape and product advantages, followed by industrial, mechanical, and electrical designs. Key milestones are established for product renderings, electrical specifications, and prototypes.

Engineered for Excellence

The MYE electrical and mechanical engineering team applies their depth of diversified development experience to assure your product is designed with every consideration for performance, reliability, and safety. We take a long view, beginning with the baseline of industrial requirement standards and international certifications through component supplies and lifetime production efficiencies.

Component Quality and Cost Control

The MYE commitment to engineering excellence, product reliability, and market performance is backed by the trust and support of manufacturing and supply-chain partners who share our vision for creating innovative products that make a difference. These relationships assure stability, cost-efficient component sourcing, and fluid inventory management.

Software Performance Engineering

Software is the intelligence that drives product performance. We understand an innovative electrical and mechanical design is meaningless without exceptional software engineering. The long view MYE market approach involves a hyper focus on software testing to deliver seamless, super-reliable product performance backed by the operational continuity of convenient software upgrades.

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